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Sinofsky saves MSFT again

September 14, 2011

I wasn’t sure how to title this one (after all, it’s a 03:30:00 keynote!!!!)  There’s so much in what Sinofsky lays out (summary @ 01:42:52 in the video.  WinRT = equivalent of AMZN primitives for native apps.  From a business model perspective his team has made Windows into a software-licenseable equivalent of a “cash-and-carry”.  It’s a smart, smart preemptive move on behalf of the OS)  Even Mossberg caught on to the fact that Windows 8 is the biggest step fwd since W95. “Touch-first” or “Tap to sensor” anybody? (wave my business card over the PC screen and it goes straight to my blog)

When Sinofsky talks about reengineering from the “kernel on up” and “fundamental performance at the base kernel level”, he’s talking about improving a literal platform, not the hackneyed figure of speech that gets tossed around these days.  Cold boot in under 8 seconds and then straight onto your web apps (not forgetting the hardware accelerated graphics)

What said, note that the seamless in-page UI experience is all Apple, while the equally impressive system experience is uniquely MSFT.  Care to take bets on which company will capitalize on all this advancement with consumers??

EOD, it is exciting to imagine what a teacher’s start page might look like powered by something like the SLI API inside of Win 8 (or Lion OS++).

Not exciting enough??  Well imagine that capability coupled to this  Want to log in to work?  You lie sucka!!!!

Can’t resist:  final note (a prediction) – Sinovsky will be the next MSFT CEO and will be responsible for breaking the company up and unlocking 100%+ shareholder value.

Final, final note: you don’t need to watch past ~01:50:00.  Although if you want to see a developer geek out on his own geekiness fwd to ~02:45:00.

That’s it.  Doodles passed out long ago.  Off to bed.


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